Omega graft


I put like example a Graft of female Kiwi on male Kiwi.


This type of graft can be made in all the trees and shrubs, as much of leaf expires like of perennial leaf, in nobody més included/understood between end of Winter and principles of Autumn. In the grafts Omega of trees and shrubs of perennial leaf it is necessary to cover the graft with a plastic bag. Also the grafts must be covered with leaf expires if they are made vegetation in the heat of, but not if they become when the tree is still hibernating.


A detail important to consider is that the stake to graft and the host must have the same thickness exactly.



  In the first place it is cut with scissors to prune a piece of stem with a yolk of the plant to graft and next it is come to do the cut to him Omega in its inferior part with a special apparatus for this type of grafts.




Here podeis to see these special pliers.


 Professional Grafting Pliers.

And here the blade in form of Omega is appraised.


The same piece of seen previous stem of side.

In the host an inverted cut with the same apparatus becomes, where it will fit the graft exactly.

Next the graft in the host, introducing it of side is reconciled, respecting the bending in Omega.


Here the perfect anchorage of the graft in the host can be seen in detail.

Next it is tied with special plastic tape to graft tomateras and watermelons, it is smeared with mastic to graft the superior end of the graft so that it does not lose water and is not attacked by fungi and it is left without covering with a plastic stock market, by being of leaf it expires and to be still hibernating.