Graft of Crown under plastic bag


I put like example a Graft of mandarin tree of Philippines on lemon tree. This type of graft can be made in Spring in nobody tree or shrub of perennial leaf, since it needs that tree already is wide-awake of its winter lethargy and the crust of the host takeoff with facility.


I have made grafts successfully with this technique in:


-Orange tree.

-Lemon tree.

-Mandarin tree.


-Grapefruit tree.


-Finger Lime (Microcitrus australasica)


In the trees and shrubs of caducous leaf the technique is the same one, but one becomes from half-full to end of Winter and it is possible to be done without plastic bag. In these caducous trees also this type of graft can be done in the heat of vegetation, from half-full of May to end of August, treating them as if they were of perennial leaf, using the same described technique next.


In the first place a branch of the host is cut with a hand saw.

Next you make a vertical cut of about 5 cm.  in the crust of host with the knife to graft.

With the aid of the later part of the knife to graft the crust of the host is taken off.

Next you take a small branch of the variety you want to graft, cut its leaves, except the superior one, leaving petiole and you cut with half-bevel form with the knife to graft one of the sides of the cutting. We must avoid to touch with the fingers the cut part.

Here we see as it is left the half-bevel cut.

Next the cutting by the bevelled side is introduced within the cut of the host, introducing all the bevelled part, so that both cuts contact intimately and its union can be produced.

Thus it is introduced the cutting.

Next the graft with green cord is tied and it smears all the graft with mastic to graft, without forgetting the superior part of the cut of the host and the superior part of the cutting. This way it is sealed the graft hermetically, with which its drying by sweating is avoided.

Later you moisten the cutting with water cleans and cover the graft with a transparent plastic bag, avoiding so the cutting is dried. After about 15 or 20 days, the plastic bag can be retired, since in this time already both cambiums have been united and the host already provides some water and nutrients to the graft. When the buds of the cuttings appear, you hope that the buds have about 10 or 15 cm and you untie the cord. In case you live in a zone whipped by winds, you tie the buds to the branches of the host so that they are not broken.

Thus it has been left the lemon tree after grafting his five branches.

And this is the result after 40 days. The buds have appeared and they already measure 4 cm.


When they measure about 10 cm. I will clear the fastening so that it does not drown the graft and the sap can happen without difficulty.

Spent months, already without the tying, the buds measure more than 30 cm. and the graft is consolidated. Down on the right another graft is seen on the same host of lemon tree.